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My name is Michelle, I am a Skin Therapist and mom to 3 spontaneous boys. My passion is skincare, treating and educating has brought so much joy and freedom to my life. Focusing on the skins natural healing capabilities with incorporating innovative clean ingredients is what I strive for. In my treatment room and training I will provide you with the steps you need to have you in the correct path to your new journey. 

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My Story

I have studied skin intensively throughout the last 4 years. Always taking my training to the next level and staying up-to-date on new products and tools in skincare. The basic fundamentals is essential and our main focus at SGB. It can be quite easy to get caught up on the latest trends- always remember that these core essentials have been around for centuries and every client case reflects on just this. Thoroughly analyzing the skin to determine what treatment plan and products a client should be on is the key element to success. Know that it takes the skin 2-4 months to see full results with a combination of both- or skincare products alone is vital when committing to a new skin ritual.

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