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Treatment Care

Post treatment care is just as important as the pre-care, and treatment itself. Please ask your therapist anytime you have any additional questions. Some advanced treatments will require additional care. Please follow all care instructions given by your provider. 

Facial Wash

Pre-Facial Care 

No exfoliating 3-5 days prior to your appointment. Exfoliating near your appointment can cause sensitivity and risk of change in your treatment plan.

☆ No waxing 7 days prior as this is considered a deep exfoliation step.

☆ No needles! PMU | botox | fillers for 14 days+ to your facial appointment. Allow your treatment to heal and follow all instructions given by artist.

☆ Change your bedding before your appointment, making your night routine a little easier.

☆ No retinol 3-5 days and all retin-a instructions must be followed given by your healthcare provider. Increasing cell turnover will cause sensitivity and possible contra-actions during or post treatment.

☆ Absolutely no excessive sun exposure 3 weeks prior to your appointment. Do wear your sun protection daily, especially when on vacation. Seek shade, when possible, wide brimmed hat, sunglasses. An umbrella is always a great idea

☆ Increase your water intake 3 days prior to your appointment. This especially to those clients who don’t drink the recommended amount. Drink your water as our body responds and heals best when hydrated.

☆ Pre-book your appointments to ensure scheduling is available.

☆ Arrive with minimal makeup. This provides more time for your treatment.

☆ Gentle cleanser, moisturizer and SPF must be used daily following your appointment. Retail and sample kits are available to purchase based on your skin needs post treatment.

☆ NO Accutane within the last 12 months.

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